Vaughn, Hannah, Archie & Rory.

Our Story


2-SIX-8 is proudly the only Antiguan Craft brewery, where the beer is actually brewed in Antigua. 


  The brewery was born out of the need to have good beer in Antigua, while spending time with our family.  Rory is Antiguan, however him & his wife live part of the year in Canada. They enjoyed home brewing as a hobby. In 2016, they decided they would like to spend more time here in Antigua & made the move from Home Brewing to creating a craft Brewery here in Antigua with the help of Rorys brother Vaughn. 

 The three of them have the same mission, to create quality craft beer in Antigua, while trying to use as many local products as they can and give back to the community.

 All their spent grain goes to an organic local farmer, who feeds the grain to his free roaming pigs. All seasonal beers use locally sourced ingredients.

 Unfortunately, grain isn't grown here in Antigua, grain & hops have to be imported in. 

So far the brewery has been received well within the community, 2-SIX-8 hopes to encourage other growth in the craft industry. It's important to encourage as many Antiguan's to produce/grow/sustain themselves. There is a small and slow movement to being more sustainable here. We hope that all those that live on the island and those that visit support local businesses! 

From all of us 2-SIX-8, we hope you enjoy our products.